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COBERTECNIC Retractable roof systems are completely watertight and airtight (if enclosed) and provide a high degree of insulation against the elements, ensuring optimal energy use. The high-quality design of the profiles that make up the system ensures that they are also lightweight.

Please review the different parts to the system.

COBERTECNIC T5000 Retractable Roofs consist of many different components.




All our systems use T 5000 aluminium. The rafters, panel jambs and leaf jambs all use high grade aluminium reducing the risk of oxidisation occurring. The aluminium is powdercoated ensuring an equal cover. All care must be taken to keep powdercoating clean to prevent lifting on the paint. Aluminium is a lightweight composite material with incredible strength to weight ratios. It can be welded and fabricated easily. The lightweight structure allows efficiencies in installation costs.


The sheeting used is Lexan 16mm Triple Wall Polycarbonate. Lexan is the registered trademark of SABIC, who purchased the business from G.E (General Electric). Lexan polycarbonate is another lightweight composite material. The honeycomb structure gives the sheet its strength. The air pockets within the sheet also reduce heat penetration by way of superior insulation. The sheet can span further than traditional glass without the weight burden. Depending on the projection of the roof, panel spans between rafters can be up to 2.5m. Polycarbonate also tremendous impact ability to withstand certain size hail stones ( check the warranty card for conditions) and depending on the choice of colour, excellent heat reducing properties.


All our tubular motors are provided by T Mode ( F.A.A.C). The parent company is based in Italy, with offices worldwide. The motors are tubular motors, housed in an aluminium cylinder mounted to the rear of the awning. They start with a 40 newton capacity but this will be adjusted depending on the load of the motor due to the size of the opening roof. The motors are radio controlled and with a touch of a button, can be opened and closed. They can be simply plugged into a socket and ready for operation without the need for hard wiring.

The motors are connected to a pinion set which attaches to a chain. Being a chain driven system creates enormous strength in the pull of the motor. Simple maintenance is required for the chain (just like a bicycle) in the odd spray of oil for lubrication.


All our opening roofs use a high front extruded gutter. The gutter comes in two pieces which gets clipped together. Piece 1 is the actual gutter and piece 2 is a raised extrusion used to hide the top of the rafters. All gutters are connected to existing storm water.


Our systems use 100mm square aluminium posts. The large systems create alot of potential uplift so site decisions are made as to the fixing of the posts (concrete footings or base plates).


The end user will have to confirm of the status of their local government requirements. All councils vary in their requirements. They have different rules for heights, setbacks and size. Even shadowing can be taken into account. Our sheeting used comes with Test Ratings for Fire Retardancy. Please look at our specifications in the Tech Info.