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T5000 4-Panel Triple Track Guide


Using 4 leaves with 3 tracks it is possible to open 3/4qtrs 75% of the roof. The opening can be controlled remotely. The top leaf is fixed.

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This T5000 roof system is designed for smaller projection roofs. By using the 3 track series, the system can open up to 75% (3/4rds). It is mostly used for projections up to 3- 4m only. This is achieved by placing the first panel ON TOP of the rafter.

All systems work on a 6 degree fall, which equates to a drop of 102mm per 1m. The roofs can be mounted off walls or above roof lines by using specially mounted extenda brackets. The advantage of the extenda brackets is the top panel which is fixed would be above the roof, allowing a 100% opening from the house.

The panels used are 16mm Triple Wall polycarbonate. This material is extremely strong but lightweight leaving less strain on the motor. Available in Clear and Opal, the material has incredible spans allowing minimal rafters.

We use F.A.A.C motors, from Italy. These tubular motors are radio controlled. The motor can simply be plugged into a socket without the need for hard wiring. They are extremely reliable.

The system is supplied with fully mounted panels, guides with fastening supports, and a ready-mounted motor.All panels in this system fit between the rafters. The top panel is always fixed to conceal the motor.

                      Technical Specifications
 Series  Maximum Rafter Span
 Maximum Panel Size
Maximum Post Spacing
 4 panel 3 track
 4m  2.5m  4.1m
 Motor Size
 Rafter Size
 Frame Colours
 Any powdercoat colour.
 Sheet Colour
 Clear or Opal
 Post Size
 100mm x 100mm
 Fall  6 deg. (102mm per 1m)

All systems are designed and engineered to the latest Australian Standards for structural/wind loading systems. AS1171.2. For any council applications, fully engineered plans can be obtained by us or our distributors.


4 panel 3 track5
4 panel 3 track5
4 panel 3 track 6
4 panel 3 track 6
4 panel 3 track
4 panel 3 track